Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 17 - July 28, 2010

Well...I am starting to see and feel some differences. I put on some dress pants for work today and they are loose! I mean loose, through the hips, bum, waist...I really feel it!

I am having a very stressful time right now with some outside issues. Lots on my plate, so to speak. This would normally be a time where eating and eating ALOT would be the priority in order to deal with things. I am not feeling that compulsion. I am really looking forward to getting away. No phones, no work, NO STRESS!!

Going to try and get on the treadmill tonight after I have done all the running around to get ready for the trip. Bust some energy!

PS. I forgot to tell you on cleanse day that I actually went grocery shopping right after work because we were out of fruit and milk and I am pleased to report that even though I was on my did not bother me at all to be in the store!! Definitely way easier the second time around...

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