Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 14 - July 25, 2010

Well happy Sunday! It has been a gorgeous weekend weatherwise and there is certainly a lot going on in the City right now. Capital Ex and Taste of Edmonton. Now in my past these two events would be the perfect excuse to completely not think about what I am doing and just go for it! Then by the end of summer I would wonder how exactly my closet Shrinks my clothes!! lol

Not this year. We are going to partake in the Capital Ex for my daughter's sake but will pack a nice backpack of good choices of snacks. Better for all of us! It can be difficult to go to something like that if you are not prepared. Just the smells can be overwhelming! I am not even going to venture over to Taste of Edmonton. Way too difficult, at least this year so I will avoid it all together.

We are planning a family camping trip leaving this Thursday night and will be gone until Monday. I am not foreseeing this to be too difficult and I am the one doing the grocery shopping and stocking the trailer! Perhaps what could be tough might be the sitting around the campfire and wanting to get into the Smores, but I will restrain myself and have some almonds instead. At least that is the plan. Plan, plan, plan...I am starting to really feel that is the ticket to success with this!!

I may or may not have wireless access when we are gone so you may not hear from me during that time. I will try and if I can, I will let you know how it's going. If not, you will have to wait and find out upon my return!

Tomorrow is cleanse again. I am hoping it will feel a little easier this time. I will let you know.....Looking foward to weighing and measuring on Tuesday morning!

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