Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 10 - July 21, 2010

Hi All,

Well. I sure had a great day yesterday! I was in a fantastic mood all day. It amazes how when you get good results from something, you don't want to spoil it! I made a delicious supper and enjoyed it and had a good workout on my treadmill for an hour.

I am going to have a challenge tomorrow. One of my most favorite places pre program to go and have a good "pig out" is Boston Pizza. Well, we have our yearly Summer Fun Day at work and low and behold...guess where drinks and food is being held afterward...BOSTON PIZZA!!!!! I knew I would get tested but didn't expect this type quite so soon. Oh well...I have a plan to deal with my "fat girl brain"!! I am going to go on-line and decide what I will be having PRIOR to going so that hopefully by not have to peruse the menu, I will stay strong. I know that they do have some good options now re: food so that I won't go for the bandara pizza bread or chicken wings or dry ribs...or OMG I have to stop! Salad, salad...think salad! ha.ha.

Don't worry I refuse to wake "FGB" from her coma! I know that you will be rooting for me and we will all face these challenges...they can be overcome!


  1. Hang in there and stay strong! I'm on a cleanse day today...not too bad actually...but am going to thoroughly enjoy my shake tomorrow...every last drop!!

  2. This is only one of many challenges you will face Candice, and I know you will do GREAT!! You are being proactive on deciding what you are going to eat and already know what you will NOT eat! lol and don't worry, I'll be texting you!! jk :)