Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 13 - July 24, 2010

Why is it when you embark on something like this, there always seems to be so many challenges that come along? Between feeling like my horomones are raging and the heavy demands right now at work and having a husband that works out of town so the bulk of home and child rearing falls to me, where is the me time suppose to come from?

Now...I'm not trying to sound negative just wanting to speak the truth about what for women, becomes one of our biggest stumbling blocks as far as weightloss. For example, as I sit here and try and write this blog, my Kaitlyn is pulling on my leg for me to find her toy, my husband is home and asking me where is this, where is that, did you take care of this, did you take care of that....oh and by the way, what's for supper??

When are we suppose to have the time and energy to devote to thinking about what we are putting in our mouths let alone have an hour to yourself to exercise?

This I think is one of the toughest things for women and why we get pushed into that corner of having to give up something and let's face it we are women what we usually decide to give up is things and time for ourselves.

I AM REFUSING TO GIVE UP!!! I am sitting listening to my daughter complain, my husband nattering in the background and I am blissfully typing away and refusing to be distracted....this is exactly the time I would be reaching for something fatty to shove in my mouth and instead, I am writing to you.

I wonder if there is any wine in the pantry???!! just kidding....I think i will look for my I-pod instead...


  1. Great post!!! Just another day in the life of...

  2. Ha ha Candice I can so relate...especially to the "where is this and where is that" is usually followed by "..oh never mind, I found it". I've learned to just not answer right away and they will usually find what is right in front of their eyes! Great post though I can so relate!